Business Records Management & Storage Services



Digital Media Services

DocuStore, Inc. has the ability to also store records digitally into a computer server and have that document available within 5 minutes through the internet using a PDF format (Adobe Acrobat). 


Our staff of media experts are ready to help you prepare for a disaster recovery test. Let us deliver your media to your hot site – secure off-site mainframe backup, determine compatible software solutions, and provide a disaster recovery center in our facility.


Remote Storage

We can provide an all-inclusive approach to media services.  To eliminate the necessity of magnetic tape storage and ground transportation, we can backup your computer generated data through a direct link to an electronic vaulting service or, in house on our Data Flow- COLD*- storage solution.

*Computer on Laser Disk

Document Scanning and Imaging

Information has always been a powerful tool, but never more so than today. Document imaging moves information management from paper to digital technology. The process can be limited to moving individual documents and selected files or expanded to include all archived documents in storage boxes and all current paper files stored in filing cabinets. The limited process uses our Scan on Demand software to effect the transfer, while the bulk conversion uses our Imaging software to complete the transition.

 Both solutions are coordinated with our O'Neil inventory control software. The images are scanned, indexed and reside on our web server and can be directly accessed and downloaded through our web site. Access is password secured and the documents can be converted into various file formats.  Each of these services are customer specific and will require an in depth analysis by our consulting staff to determine your unique requirements.