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Media and Data Management

Digital Media Storage


10,000 businesses each year are affected by catastrophic fire, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). 90% of businesses that lose their vital records are out of business within one year.

Docustore,  Providing Stealth Protection

Media such as disks, CDs, microfiche, or microfilm or electronic equipment that may be vulnerable to temperature and humidity factors, natural disasters, industrial espionage and theft can be stored in our vault.  We also house a government standard vault that is constructed entirely of concrete.  Access is limited through a fire resistant bank vault door.  The vault has it's own climate control system that seals the room immediately if smoke or heat are detected and a Halon gas fire suppression system is in place in the unlikely event of a fire.   Firelock Data Vault is the solution to relieving these concerns.