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DocuStore services have been developed to serve as a full service, off-site data storage facility with the focus and responsibility of securing the property of other businesses.


Physical Storage 

We operate and maintain facilities that physically store files or any equivalent tangible record in our standard size boxes (Letter Legal).  These boxes are picked up and stored in a bar coded steel shelf rack and tracked by computer until delivered to a client or a destruction notice is received from the client.  

DocuStore¡¯s facilities are one story concrete and steel structures.  This construction follows the guidelines set forth by ARMA for the construction of a record storage facility.  Additionally the buildings do not have any windows and a minimum of access doors.  Each building is protected 24 hours a day by a security system that includes motion detectors, door alarms, heat sensors and a sprinkler fire protection system.  The security services that monitor our facilities are so confident in DocuStore¡¯s system that they even have us manage their records.  All records are stored on steel framed shelving.   

Media and Data Management 

DocuStore maintains on-site a climate-controlled vault which is further protected by a Halon gas fire suppression system and temperature controls.  The vault is designed for the storage of back-up disks, CDs, microfiche, X-Rays, microfilm or electronic equipment that may need a very stable environment.  

Special Services

DocuStore provides special services unique to your needs.  Whether it is a large one-time pick up or a long term project we can design a program to fit your needs.


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