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Specialized Services

The experts at DocuStore can custom design a solution to meet your specific information and storage needs. From initiating a records retention program for files and documents to implementing the latest disaster recovery plan for your data, DocuStore will find the best solution for you or your business 


Retention Programs

DocuStore assists with total records retention programs.  Our retention experts can help you classify your documents and determine how your corporate policies match with legal, tax and ISO requirements. We can assist you in developing a retention plan and work with your staff to insure proper implementation. 

File Indexing

Barcode indexerThe storage of your information in a secure location is an important first step in document management. Indexing is an equally important step to insure that your records are organized in a manner that makes them easily accessible.

Indexing services provide an electronic technique that utilizes a key word search process. This gives you the ability to request information quickly and efficiently by pre-selected key words such as a client name or a client identification number. It also allows you to segregate your information by department, which augments allocation of costs based on usage.

Indexing by file box or by a specific file within a box can be performed at your site or in our Records Center. We have indexing professionals who can perform the service at a cost that can quickly be recouped through reduced box and file processing costs. We can update your current database so that it interfaces with our records Management Software. This will support total tracking of your company files no matter where they reside. 

Destruction Services

The next logical and final step in a records retention program is the destruction of obsolete data.  DocuStore can provide you with confidential destruction for paper and vital records media. Our destruction process is mapped to insure that the documents you schedule for destruction are indeed the documents we destroy. To ensure total destruction, your paper documents are shredded, then recycled into pulp and ultimately made into new paper. Our Records Management Software can be used to notify you when document destruction dates are approaching.